Meltdown & Spectre Vulnerability


Information Regarding the Meltdown & Spectre Vulnerability January, 2018


On January 3rd, 2018, it was made aware to DakTech that there had been a vulnerability discovered that compromised the kernal memory of many modern-era processors.  There has been no known reports of this vulnerability being utilized by malicious software.  However, in an effort to ensure that DakTech's customers are protected against any potential threats, we are compiling all applicable information regarding the vulnerability on this page.  We are working diligently with our partners in the technology industry to compile any and all information that will be used in patching this threat.  With that being said, we will continue to update this page as new information/fixes become available.

Affected Systems:

At this point, we have to assume that any system manufactured within the last decade is potentially affected by this vulnerability. This includes all Laptops, Desktops, and Servers.


The resolution will be two-fold.  First, it will require a security update for Microsoft Windows.  That update has already been published to Microsoft's Update Catalog and will be pushed to systems automatically that have Updates set to download automatically.

Second, this will also require a firmware update to the microcode.  At this point, it appears that this will be done through a BIOS/Firmware update.  Below, you will find links to applicable BIOS/Firmware updates for your system.  They are listed by model number.  On most desktops, the model number will be printed on the serial number sticker affixed to the side of the machine.  For servers, we recommend that you call Technical Support at 877-595-2688 or email to verify the model number of your machine.  Please have the serial number ready, we can reference that to get you your model number.

Microsoft Resources:

Windows Guidance for Consumers (KB 4073229)
Windows Client Guidance for IT Pros (KB 4073119)
Windows Server Guidance (KB 4072698)
Antivirus Compatibility (KB 4072699)

The articles listed above will help explain the impact of the Windows Update and the validation process.  In some cases, the resolution will require some editing of the systems registy files.  Editing the registry can lead to unexpected issues if done incorrectly.  We recommend that you backup the contents of your registry before any changes are made.

One item to note.  In their testing Microsoft has found that some 3rd party antivirus software is not compatible with this update.  These programs cause a Stop Error, otherwise known as a Blue Screen of Death.  As a workaround, Microsoft will not allow the update to apply unless the antivirus program has a specific registry key set.  This should mitigate the possibility of your machines getting any BSOD errors as a result of this update applying.  As time goes on, we hope that these companies update their software to be compatible with this update.  You may be aware that you can download and install the update outside of the Windows Update program.  To avoid any issues, we recommend that you allow the update to install through Windows Update and not install it manually.  If there is a circumstance where that cannot be done, there is a registry key that can be changed to allow the update to be installed.  If you have any questions on the compatibility of your antivirus software, please consult with your antivirus provider. 

DakTech Resources:

Below are links to BIOS/Firmware updates for your DakTech systems.  Please be aware, this list is not yet complete.  We will continue to update this list as the BIOS/Firmware updates are made available to us.

Instructions on Upating BIOS on Discovery and Gemini Models

Gemini Q270

Gemini Z270

Gemini X299

Gemini Q170

Gemini Z170

Gemini Q87

Discovery H110/H110S

Discovery H110MAM

Discovery H81

Orion H110/H110S

Orion 9/925

Orion 8/825

Orion 6/625

DTWSE3V5 Xeon Workstation (ASUS P10S-E/4L)

If you do not see your model listed, please check back.  We will be updating this list as new information is provided to us.